Building a Better Future:
a Free Roof For a Deserving Educator.

It’s time to give back to those who dedicated their lives to teaching.

Because the best educators should come home to the best conditions. 


Teachers do more than educate; they inspire, guide, and shape the future, one student at a time.

In recognition of their unwavering dedication and the profound impact they have on our lives, we’re thrilled to announce our annual ‘Free Roof for an Educator’ giveaway! This is our way of saying thank you, providing a deserving educator within our community a brand-new roof makeover. It’s more than just shingles and nails—it’s a safe haven, a gesture of gratitude for the heroes who dedicate their lives to enlightening minds and nurturing hearts. Nominate an educator who has made a difference in your life or the lives of others and let’s give back to those who give so much. Join us in this heartfelt campaign to not only shelter their dreams but to honor their invaluable contribution to our future.

How it works?

Our “Free Roof for an Educator” giveaway is designed to be as straightforward and impactful as possible. Here’s how we come together to honor and support our educators:

1. Nomination Period:

  • Start to Finish: The nomination period opens on May, 1 2024 and closes on July 1st, 2024. This gives our community ample time to consider and submit nominations for the educators who have made a significant impact.

2. Who Can Nominate:

  • Eligibility: Anyone from the community can nominate an educator – parents, students, fellow teachers, and school administrators. All you need is a story to tell about how this educator has gone above and beyond.

3. Submitting a Nomination:

  • Online Form: Visit our dedicated landing page and fill out the nomination form. You’ll be asked to provide:
    • The educator’s name and school.
    • Your contact information
    • A brief story describing why this educator deserves a free roof, including any examples of their dedication and impact. 
    • Optional: Upload supporting information or images that highlight the educators contributions. 

4. Selection Process:

  • Review and Shortlisting: After the nomination period ends, our panel, consisting of community leaders and members from our company, will review all nominations. We’ll shortlist the top candidates based on the impact of their story and their contribution to education.

Community Voting (Optional): To make the selection process as inclusive as possible, we may open the final decision to community voting. The shortlisted stories will be shared anonymously, and the community will have the opportunity to vote for the educator they feel is most deserving.

5. Announcing the Winner:

  • Celebration Event: The winner will be announced at a special event (details to be announced), celebrating the nominated educators’ dedication and the winner’s story. Local media and the community will be invited to join the celebration.

Direct Communication: Additionally, the winner will be notified directly via the contact information provided during nomination.

6. Installation:

  • Coordination with the Winner: Our team will work directly with the winning educator to schedule a convenient time for the roof installation. We’ll ensure the process is smooth, respecting the educator’s schedule.

7. Follow-Up:

  • Sharing the Impact: Post-installation, we’ll share a follow-up story on our website and social media channels, highlighting the transformation and the educator’s story, celebrating the positive impact of giving back.

We’re excited to embark on this journey of giving back to our educators. Your nomination can make all the difference. Let’s come together to uplift those who dedicate their lives to enlightening future generations!

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